My Place With Jesus


My Place With Jesus is an exciting new online Bible study series just for kids 7-12.



The My Place With Jesus Bible studies are an exciting new project for It Is Written! These special studies--just for kids between the ages of 7 and 12--function entirely online, and are fully interactive.

Each of the studies consists of a lesson portion and a quiz. The lesson features a video segment with Jean Boonstra and several young guests. This video portion has been placed within an animated world that is fully interactive.

The participant can click to read and hear Bible verses and numerous other exciting things. The quiz portion then allows the participant to choose the correct answer and receive video feedback from Ms. Jean.

The My Place With Jesus studies have been designed for children 7-12 years of age. The series can appeal to children of all backgrounds and faiths, and it provides a solid foundation in Christian belief. The studies cover such topics as Creation, the Second Coming and building a personal devotional life.

The site is a safe and secure for parents and children. This interactive series is available for parents, teachers and pastors who want the children in their lives to have a good foundation in Christian beliefs.

Your donation toward this project will help children around the world learn more about Christ with a simple click of the mouse! We hope to add additional studies, features and languages, and your gift wil help make that happen.

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