Babylon Rising DVD

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This 4-part series, presented by Pastor John Bradshaw, takes a fresh look at the age-old controversy between Christ and Satan. These relevant meetings look at the issues in the world today—religious, political, social and environmental—and see the cosmic connection between a reeling planet and a rising Babylon.

During these programs, Pastor Bradshaw uses the Bible itself to unlock the mysteries of prophecy and find hope for people living in a world where Babylon is rising.

Babylon Rising
Just as ancient Babylon grew into a mighty, world-ruling kingdom, modern Babylon has been doing the same—developing into a colossus that will dominate the world at the end of time. Follow the prophecies of the Bible and see that Babylon is rising!

The Day of the Dragon
In ancient times, a powerful kingdom rose to dominate the ancient world. Personal liberties were eliminated and government controls dictated life at its most personal level. History repeats itself. How close are we to living in the “day of the dragon”?

Mystery and Mayhem

Revelation’s “Mystery Babylon” sees leaders in all areas of society joining together in an alliance that will produce chaos and confusion on a global scale. Dark spiritual forces will impose themselves on life at every level.

The Writing on the Wall
What goes up must come down. Just as ancient Babylon saw the writing on the wall, the fulfillment of Bible prophecy sees the writing on the wall for modern Babylon. There is hope for people living in a world where Babylon is rising!


Four programs on two discs.
Approximate running time: Four hours